There is Hope In the Wilderness

There is Hope In the Wilderness


Let love be genuine.

Christal McNeil-Wright

Lover of God

about me

My goal is to provide insightful explanations

Thank you for visiting my blog site. My goal is to provide insightful explanations along with practical and biblical guidance to help parents through the obstacles of parenting  teenagers and young adults. Through our own personal experience, My husband and I have made decisions that strengthen our children emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. My blogs will include brief stories of teachable moments that have occurred within our family and nuggets of wisdom that we have collected throughout this parenting journey.  I would be selfish not to share what we’ve learned and what has helped us along the way and I am hopeful that it will help you too! 

I believe my book, From One Parent to Another: There is Hope in the Wilderness, is more necessary now than it has ever been. In today’s society, the very foundation of church and prayer have moved away from many homes, schools and the general public. Readers will be inspired and encouraged to not give up on their child when they have lost their way. Biblical principles and consistent prayer over your child will bring about positive change. Parents need to know they are not alone in this!
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